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We have NEW feature where you can upload song to be paly when guests will open your invitation.
Upload theme song is availble in "Save & Finish" stage

*** We have one more NEW feature for you !!!
you can upload song to be play in background when guests will open your invitation.
you can upload your song in the "Save & Finish" stage.

*In few more seconds your Invitation will be ready to use.
you will get your invitation link so you can send it to your guests immediately.

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  • baby invitations
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  • Start with the basics
    Add Life to the Invitation with our magical animation effects
    My Invitations

    What is Smart Invitation   How to build invitation   Help Video  

  • Edit & Design Your Invitation
    Click on the text & edit

    You can change the background image & color filtering

  • Add Interactive Pages
    Click on the features you wish to add to your invitation

    Create a Slideshow with your best images
    You Can select images from multiple resources
    Upload images to your Slideshow
    Write Flickr user name
    Set your contact info
    Set your event loaction address
    Search a cool video to be your event teaser
    You can change the RSVP text Style 

    Set an external web page you wish to show your guests
    Set facebook page address (ie : event page , profile page ...)
    Write Instagram user name
    Write Picasa user name
    Show a weather forecast for your event location.
    Give your guests a table number & seat number
    if needed You can also add message for each /specific guest
    You can change the background image & color filtering

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    Send this link to your invites
    Copy & Send/Share it by SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Social Media...
    Add Music
       Search Music
    Upload Song
    Upload only MP-3 file !!!

    RSVP Manage
    Set a Start Page

    What's next?

    Just send your invitation link/barcode to your invites by :
    Mail, Sms, WhatsApp, Social Networks or any other way you like.

    * in case you have a printable invitation you can print the barcode on top of your envelop or invitation.
    You can edit your invitation at any time ,even after you have sent the invitation to your invites.
    In case you did not get our mail check your junk mail or just copy your invitation link/barcode above.

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